What things that you feel first before you buy it?

Market is always the place where you can find your needs and demands especially if you are looking for food. There are also clothes and appliances to be bought and a lot more stuffs. Sometimes a buyer must be wise in order to fulfil the satisfaction that he/she are looking for. He/she must be curious and look for the safety of the product. Anyway, there are lot of stores in the market has the purpose of to sell all their products but not to provide good services and products. They forgot to treat their customers as they exchange a healthy relation between each other.

A buyer should take insights of the product and for as the seller, they should be more persuasive in selling their product. That will be more good relation and will sure and up to buy that product and the seller sold one, the two parties benefit. This is actually the situation I always seen in the market, but as I experience a lot more people buying and selling, I notice the curiosity of the people to choose any product, especially they first feel it before they buy it. What are these products?

Fruit/vegetables. These are the obvious thing that a person might feel first before he/she buy it. A wise buyer will do that, checking for some damage around its body and sometimes smelling it. Fruits and vegetables are prone of damage because they are delivered from miles away from the cities; you know there is no farm in the city so these products are exported from anywhere. Furthermore, you didn’t know where it came from, from an animal farm? From the mining of  highland? You can’t suspect anything but the sure thing and best thing you can do is to check and feel for damages around it. As for my experience, sometimes there are holes made from worms and others. If you feel that the product is soft, or softer than its original body, don’t buy it anyway because there might be something inside it.

Clothes. Aside from fruits and vegies, clothes can be less to feel for. But as a wise buyer, the same thing treat you will do when buying clothes. You check for any damages or wrong stitches, you feel it if it’s the best wear for the season and choosing the style and color. When you chose someone because of its style and color and you think that it will be nice for you if you were it, better feel the quality or the product itself. The cotton content of the product is one that most buyers are looking for. Sometimes they also feel it if it will be change its quality if you wash and wear it many times or if you ironed it many times. You also feel clothes for some undesirable stitches around inside the clothes that may cause you some itchiness if you were wearing it.

Bread. Most of us didn’t consider feeling first the bread and checking for its quality before buying it. We are just sure that it is good because it came from our trusted bakeries and bread shops. Sometimes bakeries and bread shops has their own mistakes also, you know if the demands is low they find to sell all goods whether it has damage, expired or not, the quality content is losing because of the money. I experienced once when I am eating bread, there are some fungi around it, lucky for me I didn’t it that. Commonly, buyers of bread feel the product because they were looking for big but much more content than the others so that the money they will spent will not come to waste and of course to meet their satisfaction.

Pillow. When choosing a pillow, 100% you will feel it first before you buy it. A buyer of pillow wants a bag of feathers not foams. For sure you can’t buy it for just a price. A good pillow will sure make your dreams sweet and calm. As I experienced, when I’m buying in the supermarket, and I saw someone buying  a pillow, he didn’t just touch it or squeezing it, but rather he lie on the floor place the pillow under his head and check for the quality. Funny but I think he is just doing his rights for a buyer and I think he is wise to choose products. People don’t want some hard objects on their pillows so if they are buying some, they first check for unnecessary hard object inside it.


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  4. but as I experience a lot more people buying and selling, I notice the curiosity of the people to choose any product