What is the most unoriginal Halloween costume?

Halloween is one of the most creative Holidays in a year. People love to scare people and they love to express the atmosphere of Halloween by wearing different scary costumes. Traditionally, every nation has its own scary creatures and we can’t say that they are not scary but I say no one will ever laugh but scream at night if you’ve seen these costumes. But originally, we can’t think and make another scary creature from another imagination or cartoon. Normally, the ones that who made costumes refer to those cases of creature and monsters that is indeed scary and once feared. We say, from others and from our own experiences we saw different creatures in movies and in reality that scared us and that we know in our mind that those creatures whether it is real or not, it scared us.

People love to know the expressions of people around when they saw a creature that they scared of. They wear the best costume ever and scare people around and then laugh around after. But what really is the most unoriginal Halloween costume?

Ghost. We know that ghost are often scare people, whatever its face and figure. But mostly, a white lady is the most common of all ghosts of the century. You always seen it in TV, movies or maybe you have seen it in reality. Ghosts are souls of dead people they say, so they are around us together living with us. People love to make costumes from it because it is the basic and very unoriginal Halloween costume of all. We know that ghost comes from everywhere and every nation.

Witch. This is the second of the list and most wore costume for girls aside from a ghost of a white lady. Witches are originally come from Western countries but every nation has its own versions of witches but nevertheless they are all witches in the same name and character. People love this costume in Halloween parties and other costume events and parties. Proudly black, this costume signifies darkness and evil.

Pumpkin. This costume is not that scary but I listed down on number three because it has a lot of influence to people. People love to wear pumpkin costume just for fun because it is not scary one. But I think it depends on the person who wears a pumpkin costume if he/she can greatly handle it and can surely scare people around. Just add some action and voice and you have the scariest pumpkin character ever. But make sure that you can handle the big head around your face and get ready to sweat a lot if you want to wear it.

Clown. Clowns are traditionally funny stuffs and person but people make a twist from it. There made some stories of evil clowns who don’t make fun of himself or other things or people but do bad things to them. You can consider this costume as a basic one because of its structure. You just add some scary long clothes and have some very scary make up on you face.

Vampire/Dracula. Like witches and ghost, this may be the most worn costume in every costume party. Most of this costumes is for boys and it really make it real for them if they have those capes and black suites and most of all, the fangs. White skin and the makeup may add to the scary thing but to most people they are not that scary of all. Sometimes you can refer them as hot or should have not here in a Halloween costume but in a modelling section.